We love data. We think it will change your business.

Experience is the best teacher.

We would know. We founded TeamRocket because we have first hand experience using data to change the trajectory of a business. Imagine a software company, with a churn rate of over 50%. Let us tell you, it is no fun. Time is spent dealing with fires and filling positions rather than on the strategy of the business. We were there. We decided to use what we knew best, data analytics, to see if we could improve our outcomes. Boy did we. Within 18 months, we had doubled the size of the business and had a successful exit. All while having a better, stronger culture and happier employees.

We began to use our existing data analysis model, which was targeted at IT solutions, to see what we could learn from our HR data. It was amazing. The model is simple:

Collect Data -> Add Intelligence to the Data -> Consume the Intelligence -> Act on the Intelligence -> Rinse and repeat

We knew we had to get better at hiring and retaining talent. Our journey involved experimenting with what we termed “Killer Tests” that purported to tell us whether a candidate was a good hire or not. We also invested heavily in training for our teams, and sent managers to workshops. But in the end, what we needed to do was understand what was working and why.

By taking some data from our performance reviews and marrying it with our personality information, we were able to build a very successful intelligent hiring engine that reduced our churn dramatically.

Now, that software company is driving value for someone else, and we have turned our efforts to helping others do the same thing we were able to do. We have added more and better analytics to quantify the Talent Impact Score (T.I.S) for each hire at your company. We have also tailored Employee Reviews, Pulse Surveys, and Intelligent Hiring Engines to create maximum value – rather than just check a box.

We look forward to learning more about your business – and we hope that we can help you achieve your goals.

Hans Hegge, Co-Founder

 Hans Hegge is a technology-focused individual, with a passion for solving problems. Hans has a keen eye for understanding how a process can be improved and streamlined by creating software to replace what people do with excel and word docs. Hans has started 2 businesses both in the marketing and lead generation space.

Jeremy Littlejohn, Co-Founder

Jeremy Littlejohn is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in information technology that holds a number of patents. Jeremy has vast knowledge in Machine Learning, IT Strategy, Software as a Service (SaaS), advanced Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

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1776 Park Ave, STE 4-430

Park City, UT 84060

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1776 Park Ave, STE 4-430
Park City, UT 84060
(888) 981-9596